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This is a very short Basic Metrics survey. The survey results will be presented and used to help organizations around the world assess their IT management performance via blogs and whitepapers. There are only five metrics questions, and four organizational attribute questions. Survey responses are strictly confidential and results will be reported only in the aggregate. If you have questions please contact us at

The survey should take only a few minutes to complete, if you are prepared with the information. The responses to all questions are in ranges, so estimates should be adequate. You may qualify responses in the comment boxes. To help you prepare, the questions asked are listed below. Please answer as many questions as possible. Your responses should apply to the same IT and customer organizations throughout the survey.

Section 1 of 2 - Basic Incident Management Metrics
1. In a typical month, how many Incidents are closed in your organization?
2. Of the Incidents closed in a typical month, what percent are resolved by the first person contacted?
3. Of the Incidents closed in a typical month, what percent are assigned the highest Priority?
4. Of the Incidents closed in a typical month, what percent are resolved WITHIN the expected interval for the assigned Priority?
5. What is the basis for customer Incident resolution interval expectations?

Section 2 of 2 - Organization Attributes
1. How long ago was Incident Management first implemented in your organization?
2. How many people are using your IT services during peak periods? (Please include estimated internet users.)
3. How many full-time equivalent (FTE) people in the IT organization are providing the IT services? (Please include all staff, management, contractors, sourced headcount regardless of location, etc.)
4. What is the primary function of your organization?

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